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  USC Parking and Transportation Services

New Registrations

All bicycles parked on campus are required to be registered. Bicycle registration is free to all students, faculty, and staff. Identification decals are assigned and placed on bicycles to discourage theft and assist in recovery should they be lost or stolen. The serial number is recorded and the information is maintained by the Parking Services office. Engravers are available to engrave identification numbers on bicycles. Bicycle racks are located throughout campus, and bike owners must use these racks to secure their bikes. Securing your bike to any other structure on USC property will result in its removal. Bicycles must not be parked where they block pedestrian traffic (stairwells, entrances to buildings, and sidewalks). Bicycles parked in such a manner will be removed. Bikes must always be secured when left unattended .

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Two weeks after May graduation, the University Police Department will impound all abandoned and/or unregistered bicycles. The University is not responsible for damage to any such bicycles or locks. 

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